Katerina Mihaylova

Managing Director Tallconsult

katerina mihaylovaMrs. Mihaylova joined the team of Tallgroup in 2011 at the position of Back office manager of Tallpack Bulgaria. Аt that time the starting company played the role of market penetrator, imposing completely new brand and corporate philosophy. Years later, Tallpack is one of the serious players in the packaging industry in Bulgaria. That experience brought Mrs. Mihaylova a valuable understanding of managing start-up business considering multicultural, economic and strategic differences of business players.

Combing those and also inspired by the love of her country, Katerina is now playing a challenging role of informal ambassador of Bulgaria overseas. Tallconsult was established in 2013 with the purpose to connect business prospects and reveale trading and outsourcing opportunities.

Mrs. Mihaylova has a wide vision of industrial development in Bulgaria, backgrounded with strong network and most of all, feed by professional and passionate attitude. This makes her a reliable contact for diverse prospects from BeNeLux.

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